Dreams Really Do Come True. Beelee Dat.

Spectacular…kickass…unbelievable…I mean dreams really do come true! In order to get the just of this week, we must go back to my YouTube account and an actual subscription to producer/artist/visionary and one of the people who inspire on a creative and motivational level, Ryan Leslie. Better yet, we can go as far back to my first road trip to New Orleans for Mardi Gras with my best friend Lessie. We only had two cds the entire trip. One was another favorite Drake, So Far Gone and Ryan Leslie’s self titled debut album. We played it the whole entire way and still goes down as one of the best albums ever made.

But I digress. Next thing you know I’m being introduced to Mr. Leslie and being invited to his first stop in New York for his tour and new album, less is more. Fast forward he’s my Bestie (in my head and in person lol) and we’re rocking at his show! Fun times. I truly believed I was going to meet him. Not a soul on this earth could tell me I wasn’t. I had no idea it would be like this though! The concert was great and his story inspired me and gave me another sign to keep going no matter what. In addition to a great concert, great meetings this week and extremely cool stuff coming up.

Sometimes finding myself discouraged but the majority of my mind goes to the positive and towards my goal. 106andTot was just the middle and im so thankful for the opportunity and the upcoming opportunities on the way. I didn’t know simple steps would lead to such amazing results. Keep your ears and eyes open on my blog here as we draw near I’ll post little hints here and there.


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