A Week in the Life of ToT

Posted on September 14, 2012


Well how do I write this so I catch your reader’s attention…let’s see…I QUIT! TeeHeeHee Gotcha! I bet that was a great starter to a Week With Tot! Well I will say this is the fastest week ever. Every day I have found myself

doing more than what I thought I would be doing. I’m not yet the new 106 & Park host but so many doors have opened since I have began this contest. I can’t speak on what is about to happen but I will tell you it is great. But

let’s get back to my week. Mind you it is Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week, so a lot of what I have been doing has to do with that. From coverage of shows to do write up and checking out lookbooks filled about 36% of

my week. Living outside the city is both a gift and a curse. I don’t have to worry about much traffic but the commute to the city sometimes is a bit annoying. Monday was already off to a good start. With the music on blast

drinks galore and fashionable people at the We The Urban Magazine Launch Party, I know my week would be great! I was very excited because I hadn’t seen the Editor-In-Chief of Ladygunn Magazine (the big sister magazine

of We The Urban) in forever. I do the marketing there so it was like a mini reunion. Next thing you know we’re taking pictures, talking plans for Ladygunn and calling it a night. Tuesday was an eye opening and eventful day for

me. Realizing in less than a week, my best friend was getting married and Williamsburg Fashion Weekend going on at the same time, I had to get my shyt together! Not to mention getting everything ready for my next show at

Fashion week. But I had to take time out for my big project that’s launching in February. After sitting awhile and just thinking…it really wasn’t much I had to do. Plus my other best friend arrived from Germany so I was good.

Wednesday, not even going to front…the Yankees won and I was seeing my thoughts really develop into actual actions. For most of the day I did a lot of pattern making for this upcoming project and planning. With my

involvement in Williamsburg Fashion Weekend and Ladygunn Magazine plus my own stuff it’s been crazy, but a good crazy this week. Thursday was definitely a WOAH day! It was everything I wanted it to be minus running in

six inch heels to catch the train and falling. A great opportunity was passed my way by a dear friend and I took it! The crazy thing is you may have already thought it’s probably fashion or something dealing in music or

interviews…but it wasn’t ehhh I take that back it kind of is but stay tuned for next week..when I drop the bomb. Here are a few pics of how it all went down for me this week!

Meeting one of my favorite stylist June Ambrose backstage during the ARISE magazine African Icons show during Mercedes-Benz NY Fashion Week

Brought My Dipset shorts out for a dressy tomboy look for We The Urban launch party.

Going over runway shows from this week.

Completing a pattern for my ‘secret’ project coming soon.


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