Through The Eyes of an Emerald

Posted on July 14, 2012


Born unto a world all her own, rare and precious like the glow of the stone, the very EssencE to be exact. The wind blows and she goes, west to middle back and forth like…like…like undescribable, simply on a journey all her own. An enigma to the common man giving way more than the average man can withstand. The words for peace, the struggle for mind, an inner glow to the soul that tells this story two-fold. An abbreviation, nothing strong enough to portray the legacy that must be told…..Through the Eyes of an Emerald

EnfinitE: It seems to me that a lot of your poetry focuses on the depth and emotion of the situation. For instance, the following line taken from a piece you wrote entitled Awareness “Peace n blessings to you, to help find your own truth…For you have been trained to solve your own life’s crimes by following someone else’s clues.” For those that haven’t read the poem, they may not know that this line is embedded in a poem about war and politics. How do you find it so easy to basically take a broad issue such as war or politics, or whatever and chisel it down to a core emotion or issue that a lot of people can relate to?

Emerald: You know what, I actually don’t find it easy or hard, it finds me. I try to paint a metaphorical picture that not only describes life as we see it now, but also I want the emotion behind the topics to stand out as much as possible. Because, I believe we as humans strive on emotions and we connect mostly on an emotional level. That’s how we can relate to certain music whether it’s about love, hurt, suffering, overcoming obstacles, sex’s the emotion behind the words that we feel which causes us to have an agreement. Mainly, I target life experiences of what I see, hear, and how I feel. Beautifully enough, it’s others that feel the same way; I just hold up the mirror that portrays the reflection of what is going on around us.

EnfinitE: What was your first introduction to poetry? It’s obvious that you have a strong passion for it, and it seems that when you write you’re truly putting a piece of yourself out there for people to see. Was poetry just something you started doing because you liked to write and it was more recreational, which led it to evolve into what it means to you now, or was it always a need for you to put your feelings into something that was undeniably your own?

Emerald: I say I first started writing when I was in the eighth grade, and I guess it began as a ventilation of flooded thoughts in my mind. Honestly, I disliked writing papers for English classes throughout my school years and even in college. I guess, I can say I didn’t like being grammatically correct, and writing papers just wasn’t my strong point. Often I’ll hear people say “Well, if you can write poetry you can write papers”. No, it’s not the same, my poetry is my language; to me it does not have to be grammatically correct, properly structured, or even a complete thought. It was a way to really express myself ‘my way’ and love it, even if others didn’t. Come to find out, more people loved my work than I thought, so my writing increased over the years because I noticed that I was encouraging, motivating, teaching, and expressing love through my work. I really consider that to be a beautiful thing, so you can say that I write not only for myself , but also to touch as many hearts that I can.

EnfinitE: You tend to hear from artists, whether it’s a musician, painter, fashion designer, or in your case a poet, that at a certain point it becomes less about the recognition you receive from what you do, and more about how you can influence people and make them feel through what you do. Do you think that’s an accurate account of the transition that artists typically go through and if so why do you think that transition tends to happen?

Emerald: Well I can speak for myself and say that it was never really about the recognition; it was mainly the influence I have on the people. But at the same time ,it’s the effect of my influence on people, that gives me my recognition. So, for me it’s sort of the reverse from the typical flow of things. Now, for other artists who were recognized earlier on in their career, before they garnered the notoriety or the popularity to have a stronger influence on people, they tend to realize that they have a lot of youth or people of any age for that matter, that look up to them. It kind of relates to the whole saying of “be careful what you do because you have a lot of eyes on you”. I think that’s why a lot of artists, regardless of the industry or the type of “art” they are creating, tend to make that transition into becoming more socially aware. I think they realize the power they have and tend to go through a maturation process and become more conscious about life and understand that a positive example needs to be shown to their audience.

EnfinitE: Is that something you’re conscience of while writing? That so many people do take to heart what you have to say, or is it more of an attitude such as; I’m showcasing what the world is at this moment. Regardless of what people think about what I write; this is the world we live in and I’m capturing it.Do you have that view of it, or do you tend to lean more towards the thought pattern of I’m going to write about what I want the world to be or what I wish it was?

Emerald: It can be both I feel like. While I’m writing I’m not only being conscious of trying to influence others. I’m mainly trying to influence myself. Most of the time after I finish a piece I’ll close the book and won’t go back and read it until later. Sometimes I’ll start a piece and won’t finish it until I experience something in my life that relates to what I was writing about and then I’ll go back and finish it. I write what God shows me and that truly allows my words to flow freely from my heart. I have written pieces in the dark, while I’m half way sleep, or sometimes I’ll just see something in my dreams and I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and write something. Based off what God wants to show me and I’m just sharing with others.

EnfinitE: Speaking of you being an influence to others. As you know art influences art and I believe that’s true across all spectrums, not just music influences music or poetry influences poetry. Do you feel that other artistic influences shape or have helped develop you as a poet? Say for instance, we both love Erykah Baduu…her style…the feel that she has…just the way she portrays her message and the aura around her. Have you ever heard something from her, or anyone else in general and you say to yourself, I don’t necessarily want to say what they’re saying, but I want to have that feel or that same type of vibe and energy for what I’m trying to convey to my audience.

Emerald: Oh yes, of course!!! Actually, I have a few pieces in particular that were inspired by her. Even sounds of nature have influenced a lot of my work at some point. Believe it or not, art , such as paintings and drawings have had a certain effect on my work as well. I guess it’s better to say it’s more of an inspiration than anything. I have to be inspired to write, I believe it helps give my poetry an extra humph to it. So, yes other art, music, etc…has without a doubt shaped much of my poetry.

Regardless if it’s poetry, music, fashion, or any other form of art, it’s a special person that possess the unique ability to influence the masses with their distinct way of portraying who they are, and what they stand for. There are many ways to view the world, many opinions to be had, and many ways to express yourself. Some may think her views are stubborn, rebellious, or even weird..maybe they’re right maybe they just don’t see the world…Through the Eyes of an Emerald.

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