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Posted on July 7, 2012


Creativity, love, passion; pick one or maybe even all of these words and you’ll still only begin to scratch the essence of how heavy music runs in the heart of Dallas Jackson. Born with a love of music, Dallas, aka Mr. Good News quickly realized that he had a natural gift and passion of not only identifying great music, but more importantly sharing it with others. The unbelievable focus and joy for his art form is what makes Mr. Good News the obvious choice for the inaugural article of the EnfinitE TheorE. As a true connoisseur of music Mr. Good News has worked on projects ranging from Hip Hop Mixtapes to a Dub Step/Hip Hop Mix entitled “Dallas In Wonderland”. Hailing from Paris, TN Mr. Good News has honed his DJing and networking skills in clubs all over the region and country. From Tennessee to the four corners of the country Mr. Good News has proven he is ready to take over and leave his own unique imprint on the music industry. We recently got a moment to sit down with Dallas and attempt to unlock the key to his creativity.

EnfinitE: You told me earlier that you’ve been into music your entire life. When did you first know you wanted to be a DJ and who or what from a music stand point influenced you to go down that path?

MGN: Man it kind of just happened…all the way back in grade school to high school, just the opportunity to give people the newest music before they had it. Even before the turntables came along I was always the guy that people came to for music. As far as musical influences in general, honestly it’s a little bit of everything. I draw inspiration all the way from Limp Bizkit and Incubus to DJs: Qbert, Premier, Clue, Shadow, and numerous mixtape DJs. From the old heads to the new guys I’m just inspired by it all. Aside from that, the world itself motivates me.

EnfinitE: So what made you want to become a DJ in the first place?

MGN: Besides my initials, at one point it just got down to sports or music, and once I chose music I just gravitated towards the turntables and opportunities surrounded themselves around me. It wasn’t so much of me seeing somebody doing it and then saying I want to be a DJ.

EnfinitE: Ok well with that being said let me ask you this. You say you never really had someone to necessarily help you gravitate towards becoming a DJ it was more of a feeling that you had. Is that feeling the same thing that pushes you to go out and put you heart and dedication into your craft? I always feel like a lot of people only want to be involved in the “arts” (music, fashion, etc.) because they’re more into the lifestyle than the work and the journey that’s really fueling the fire you have for what you’re doing. So what’s the satisfaction you get out of what you do?

MGN: That’s a good question. That’s really a two-fold answer. When it comes to live performances it’s all about seeing people have a good time and finding common ground. That’s what it’s all about for me, especially during a period when there’s so much division across the globe. It’s so much negativity in the world so when you can connect with someone through music it’s a great feeling; that positive vibe is what motivates me to do what I do. When it comes to working in the studio I just love the fact that I can sit down and help with the creative process of making timeless music and putting my stamp on it.

EnfinitE: I can definitely respect that, there’s nothing like going through that creation stage and having a finished product that you’re proud of. So as far as your creative process give us a sense of what that’s like.

MGN: Basically I think the best way I can explain it is I use my ears to achieve that natural high. I have to feel it. It’s not really a lot more to it than that.

EnfinitE: You are definitely, as far as I’ve seen, one of the absolute best at judging songs, sounds, and who or what is getting ready to burst onto the scene. Do you attribute that to the feeling you have for certain things?

MGN: Exactly, like I said the most important thing for me is how the music makes me feel. But in that same respect it’s a 24/7 job. Just a lot of research and putting time into what you’re doing. A lot of people think it just happens, but you have to put your time and focus into what you’re trying to accomplish. It’s the little things and the behind the scenes work that eventually helps you get to that next level. On top of that, being in they grey area that connects the old school with the new school gives me a better appreciation of the roots while still relating to the younger generation.

With this type of unique perspective and insight on what it takes to make a deep and lasting impact on the industry it won’t be long before everyone knows the good news.

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