A Week in the Life of ToT

September 14, 2012


Well how do I write this so I catch your reader’s attention…let’s see…I QUIT! TeeHeeHee Gotcha! I bet that was a great starter to a Week With Tot! Well I will say this is the fastest week ever. Every day I have found myself doing more than what I thought I would be doing. I’m […]

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Styled By Crite

August 18, 2012


From Memphis to New York to Los Angeles to Paris, style can serve as a universal passport that can take you over borders, across oceans, and make you the topic of conversation no matter where you land. Style can’t be bought or duplicated, it has to be developed and nurtured by each individual that is […]

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Through The Eyes of an Emerald

July 14, 2012


Born unto a world all her own, rare and precious like the glow of the stone, the very EssencE to be exact. The wind blows and she goes, west to middle back and forth like…like…like undescribable, simply on a journey all her own. An enigma to the common man giving way more than the average […]

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Relax We Have Good News

July 7, 2012


Creativity, love, passion; pick one or maybe even all of these words and you’ll still only begin to scratch the essence of how heavy music runs in the heart of Dallas Jackson. Born with a love of music, Dallas, aka Mr. Good News quickly realized that he had a natural gift and passion of not […]

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